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AppleScript Error Codes

Posted by Nick on October 1, 2012

An important Apple doc about AppleScript error codes has gone missing (thanks to notorious Apple documentation linkrot), and the section on Error numbers and messages in the AppleScript Language Guide is incomplete. I obtained this list by running the following shell script:

for i in {0..50001}
osascript -s o -e "error number -$i" | grep -v 'execution error: An error of type -'
Error numberError message
0 No error.
-34 Disk «script» is full.
-35 Disk «script» wasn’t found.
-37 Bad name for file. «script»
-38 File «script» wasn’t open.
-39 End of file error.
-40 Tried to position before beginning of file «script».
-42 Too many files open
-43 File «script» wasn’t found.
-44 Disk «script» is write protected.
-45 File «script» is locked.
-46 Disk «script» is locked.
-47 File «script» is busy.
-48 Duplicate file name. «script»
-49 File «script» is already open.
-50 Parameter error.
-51 File reference number error.
-54 File permission error.
-61 File not open with write permission.
-108 Out of memory.
-120 Folder «script» wasn’t found.
-124 Disk «script» is disconnected.
-128 User canceled.
-192 A resource wasn’t found.
-244 Voice wasn’t found.
-600 Application isn’t running.
-601 Not enough room to launch application with special requirements.
-602 Application isn’t 32-bit clean.
-605 More memory is needed than specified in the size resource.
-606 Application is background-only.
-607 Buffer is too small.
-608 No outstanding high-level event.
-609 Connection is invalid.
-877 Classic environment will not launch that application.
-904 Not enough system memory to connect to remote application.
-905 Remote access isn’t allowed.
-906 «script» isn’t running or program linking isn’t enabled.
-915 Can’t find remote machine.
-927 Unable to authenticate user.
-1700 Can’t make «script» into type item.
-1701 The «script» parameter is missing for item.
-1702 Some data could not be read.
-1703 «script» is the wrong type.
-1704 Some parameter was invalid.
-1705 Operation involving a list item failed.
-1706 Need a newer version of the AppleEvent manager.
-1707 Event isn’t an AppleEvent.
-1708 «script» doesn’t understand the item message.
-1709 AEResetTimer was passed an invalid reply.
-1710 Invalid sending mode was passed.
-1711 User canceled out of wait loop for reply or receipt.
-1712 AppleEvent timed out.
-1713 No user interaction allowed.
-1714 Wrong keyword for a special function.
-1715 Some parameter wasn’t understood.
-1716 Unknown AppleEvent address type.
-1717 The handler «script» is not defined.
-1718 Reply has not yet arrived.
-1719 Can’t get «script». Invalid index.
-1720 Invalid range.
-1721 «script» doesn’t match the parameters item for .
-1723 Can’t get «script». Access not allowed.
-1725 Illegal logical operator called.
-1726 Illegal comparison or logical.
-1727 Expected a reference.
-1728 Can’t get «script».
-1729 Object counting procedure returned a negative count.
-1730 Container specified was an empty list.
-1731 Unknown object type.
-1750 Scripting component error.
-1751 Invalid script id.
-1752 Script doesn’t seem to belong to AppleScript.
-1753 Script error.
-1754 Invalid selector given.
-1755 Invalid access.
-1756 Source not available.
-1757 No such dialect.
-1758 Data couldn’t be read because its format is obsolete.
-1759 Data couldn’t be read because its format is too new.
-1760 Recording is already on.
-1799 System version is too old to run the installed scripting system.
-2700 An error has occurred.
-2701 Can’t divide «script» by zero.
-2702 The result of a numeric operation was too large.
-2703 «script» can’t be launched because it is not an application.
-2704 «script» isn’t scriptable.
-2705 The application has a corrupted dictionary.
-2706 Stack overflow.
-2707 Internal table overflow.
-2708 Attempt to create a value larger than the allowable size.
-2709 Can’t get the application’s event dictionary.
-2710 Can’t make class «script».
-2720 Can’t both consider and ignore «script».
-2721 Can’t perform operation on text longer than 32K bytes.
-2729 Message size too large for the 7.0 Finder.
-2740 A «script» can’t go after this item.
-2741 Expected «script» but found item.
-2742 Way too long, dude.
-2740 A «script» can’t go here.
-2750 The «script» parameter is specified more than once.
-2751 The «script» property is specified more than once.
-2752 The «script» handler is specified more than once.
-2753 The variable «script» is not defined.
-2754 Can’t declare «script» as both a local and global variable.
-2755 Exit statement was not in a repeat loop.
-2760 Tell statements are nested too deeply.
-2761 «script» is illegal as a formal parameter.
-2762 «script» is not a parameter name for the event item.
-2763 No result was returned from some part of this expression.
-2780 «script» got an error: item
-2781 «script» got an error: item Offending object: {}.
-2783 An error has occurred.
-2784 Can’t continue item.
-2785 Can’t make «script» into the expected type.
-2786 Can’t make some data into the expected type.
-2787 Some parameter is missing for item.
-2788 Syntax error. «script»
-2789 The «script» handler is specified more than once, or there were top-level commands in addition to the «script» handler.
-2797 «script» is not type item.
-2798 «script» is the wrong type.
-2799 Some data is not type item.
-5000 Network file permission error.
-10000 AppleEvent handler failed.
-10001 «script» is the wrong type.
-10002 Invalid key form.
-10003 Can’t set «script» to item. Access not allowed.
-10004 A privilege violation occurred.
-10005 The read operation wasn’t allowed.
-10006 Can’t set «script» to item.
-10007 The index of the event is too large to be valid.
-10008 The specified object is a property, not an element.
-10009 Can’t supply the requested type for the data.
-10010 Handler can’t handle objects of this class.
-10011 Couldn’t handle this command because it wasn’t part of the current transaction.
-10012 The transaction to which this command belonged isn’t a valid transaction.
-10013 There is no user selection.
-10014 Handler only handles single objects.
-10015 Can’t undo the previous AppleEvent or user action.
-10016 Handler does not allow remote events.
-10023 That’s an incorrect enumerated value for that property.
-10024 Can’t make or move that element into that container.
-10025 That setting conflicts with other settings for that object.
-30720 Invalid date and time «script».


Posted by Andreas Kiel on
Thanks for that!
Posted by natevw on
See also the `macerror` utility that's included in /usr/bin, it can be a really convenient help for decoding cryptic OSStatus codes.
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