AppleScript Error Codes

Posted by Nick on October 1, 2012

An important Apple doc about AppleScript error codes has gone missing (thanks to notorious Apple documentation linkrot), and the section on Error numbers and messages in the AppleScript Language Guide is incomplete. I obtained this list by running the following shell script:

for i in {0..50001}
osascript -s o -e "error number -$i" | grep -v 'execution error: An error of type -'
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How to Submit Code to a GitHub Project

Posted by Nick on September 30, 2012

I was setting up a PHP application on a website today, and found some typos and other small bugs that I was able to fix on the code being used in production. Normally, I would have then submitted the changes to the project's bug tracker, but today I decided to go a step further and finally learn how GitHub works. GitHub is a very slick platform, and Git itself is pretty easy to use and has huge popularity, but naturally I ran into a few pitfalls I think I could document better than many of the other tutorials out there which are a bit more general. This is strictly from the perspective of contributing code to an open source project that you do not maintain, but whose development actively occurs on GitHub as a public project. More importantly, since collaborative code is usually something you do after becoming familiar with a version control system, this skips through all of the basics (that aren't as important for this purpose) that can be easily learned by tutorials elsewhere.

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New Transcription Posted: Frank Rosolino

Posted by Nick on August 11, 2011

I've been attempting to crawl through my personal history of jazz transcription and post them up here for everybody else, since I think they're of reasonably high quality to be useful to more than one person. This new one is actually fairly recent, but I was able to finalize it reasonably quickly and get it posted without much hassle. Next on the docket is Andy Martin, or possibly Clark Terry's vocals. Here's Frank Rosolino on "Pennies from Heaven." The full track is SO worth a listen.

Also, I've been getting a little more familiar with how to customize my CMS. There is now a consistent RSS feed link at and I've made the backend less likely to break with an update. Learning experiences!

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Computers are changing.

This is not new. It's been a literal constant since the beginning of computers. What prompts me to write this is that one particular aspect of personal computing, one that has been an integral part of it for as long as I've been alive, is soon to be ushered into the shadows. With the advent of iOS, Lion, and now the iCloud, Apple seems posed to bring us to a new era of computing, where the machines can actually be understood by the average consumer, and where those of us who are particularly knowledgeable in the field become of less and less value. (continues on next...)

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Bird Brain Music

Posted by Nick on February 13, 2011

Aha, content! Posted under Transcriptions now are two jazz solos I transcribed at the Crane School of Music a few years ago. Realizing the need for some level of copyright declaration (also for fun), I came up with a site name to "publish" under. "Cardinal Neuron" as a name should be interpreted as "Primary Brain Cell;" though the ease of translation to "Bird Brain" is not entirely unintentional. After all, those first two transcriptions involve guys named Fowler and Chick.

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