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AppleScript Error Codes

Every AppleScript error number and error message that is defined from 0 to 50000.
An important Apple doc about AppleScript error codes has gone missing (thanks to notorious Apple documentation linkrot), and the section on Error numbers and messages in the…

How to Submit Code to a GitHub Project

Step by step from ground zero of how to submit a typo fix or other small patch to a public, open source GitHub project.
I was setting up a PHP application on a website today, and found some typos and other small bugs that I was able to fix on the code being used in production. Normally, I would…

The File System or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Accept the Evolution of Personal Computing

An essay on the recent announcement of Apple's iCloud and what impact it holds for personal computing in the future.
For me, that very concept is somewhat frightening. I've spent the greater part of my existence becoming proficient with computers, easily achieving the status of "Power…